Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Grindcrusher - March 23 1991



steevee said...

I know this is missing the point of grindcore and extreme metal, but Earache's metal bands got better when they tried to make more accessible music (Carcass and Entombed, especially.)

Eee said...

"Carcass" is just a BRILLIANT name for a grindcore band (seriously; equivalent to "The Smiths" for an indie band or "The Pop Group" for a deconstructionist post-punk outfit), but as the review notes, it's a shame their music largely sounds (to quote from an MM article of years back) like a chainsaw thrown down a flight of stairs.


It's the deathnitive name isn't it? Everything else is just too fussy and belabored.

One of my students did a paper on a sub-sub-genre of grindcore that is based entirely off of the Napalm Death song that lasts one second. Concerts that are over in minutes, bands playing 10 songs in 30 seconds.

He also talked about a subgenre called "mincecore" - I can't remember what defined it, but name-wise it's like an ultra-Brit-ification of 'grindcore' (in America they say 'ground beef' rather than 'minced beef like Brits too)

Looking up for clarification, I see there's something called mincegore!

Extreme Metal gives electronic dance music a run for its money when it comes to nano-genres and splinter-sounds.

Anonymous said...

I went to one grindcore gig that lasted fifteen minutes.

Mind you, there was an interval, and they played at least seven encores.