Friday, June 10, 2022

RIP Julee Cruise


Because I was spending a lot of time in New York in 1990, I ended up interviewing the delightful Julee Cruise twice for Melody Maker - possibly three times actually.  Certainly wrote three pieces on her within a single year. (And that wasn't all of Melody Maker's Julee coverage either - very very keen we all were on her debut Floating Into the Night!). The first and most in depth of the pieces is below. 

A few years later, we saw Julee perform at a PS122 benefit in the East Village, a motley line up of artistes (Annie Sprinkle was one of them) raising money for the theatre space. Julee did a kind of noir performance art lip-synch to "Up In Flames", the eeriest of the tunes on her second album The Voice of Love, and my favorite.

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