Friday, March 25, 2016

4 Records That Shook the World

My contributions to the The Wire's 100 Records That Shook The World feature from 1991 or 92

Remember feeling at the time that I had been given some rather obvious ones to handle - not that they don't deserve to be in the 100, all Fabulous and Important of course. But there were other ones I'd coveted doing that had been bagged by others. I appear to have been tasked here with dealing with Canonical Rock.

The List as a whole is top stuff, good mix of Obvious/Inevitable/Indispensable and Surprising. Looking at it again today, I'm surprised by how there is still quite a bit on the list that I've even now, 25 years later, not got around to hearing.

But nowadays that can be fixed very easily.

Too easily, probably.

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