Thursday, July 18, 2013

Against Health and Efficiency
Monitor, issue 5, January 1986

by Simon Reynolds


Piero Lumiere said...

I'm sorry to say that's legible only with an avoidable amount of effort. Any chance of your transcribing it, as you did with the other Monitor post?
I presume it's the first of a chain of articles, followed by (a) Melody Maker piece(s), and the Zoot Suit and Secondhand Dresses chapter?

All the best.


if you click on the image it is legible (at least on a computer screen, as opposed to phone)

I don't have time to transcribe it I'm afraid at the moment

there is a possibility however that a collection of pieces from Monitor is going to come out, but the conversation about that is in its early days

yes it's a sort of unintended prequel, or source, for both the Younger Than Yesterday piece and the Zoot Suit chapter, although the musical reference points have shifted a bit, or narrowed, into that whole C86 / indie innocence zone, which didn't quite exist yet when I wrote Against Health and Efficiency. Well, it was beginning to take shape...