Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Thinking Fellers Union Local 282


Tim 'Space Debris' said...

Really dug Thinking Fellers Union at the time particularly after becoming disillusioned with Pavement post Watery Domestic EP. I might pull out a couple of their records to see how they sit now. They might have been the last top shelf weird band. I didn't know anyone else who liked them. They were definitely an acquired taste like an unusual fine wine. I wonder if any kids now ever give them a listen? Or if they're just left to the dustbin of history.


that was the only one of their records that really did it for me. wonder how it would sound now. i did see them live in some tiny box like club in North London but it didn't come across too well - possibly the deficiencies of the venue or the sound system. i think there was a danger of avant-whimsy that they were susceptible too and if faint memory serves they succumbed to.