Monday, July 7, 2008

Mean Man's Dream
Melody Maker, 1987

by Simon Reynolds

Fulham Greyhound, London
Melody Maker, 1988

by Simon Reynolds


Sauce said...

Thanks very much for posting these Gore reviews. It's great to see some reviews from when these guys were active. How I would kill to have seen them live. "Mean Man's Dream" is one of the best, truly heavy albums ever in my opinion. Some people don't get it, it's "too monotonous" or "where's the vocals?". If you let yourself be taken over by the stark, brutal riffs and rhythms, this album (and Hart Gore/Wrede) is a reminder that most "heavy" music released today pales in comparison.

Bob said...

Is there any chance of getting the issue numbers/dates that these Gore pieces came from?